Key benefits

  • Star in energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance and easy inspection
  • Optimal performance guaranteed

Star in energy efficiency

  • Evaporative cooling PLUS unique combined heat transfer system for minimized system-wide energy consumption.
  • Axial fan – half the consumption of rivals and huge single cell capacity: saving you more!
  • BACross® II fill factory-configured for unrivalled water/air contact and minimal air pressure drop. Guarantees optimal condenser efficiency with cooling system energy well under control.
  • High efficiency fan motors.

Low maintenance and easy inspection

  • Inspect and maintain towers with unrivalled comfort and safely: while standing inside.
  • The CXV-D has a spacious plenum (internal area) and easy inspection/maintenance access.
  • Inspect internal fill and coil easily via removable drift eliminator modules.
  • The BACross® II fill is telescopically-supported for easy sheet by sheet inspection/cleaning and no dismantling.
  • Fans are easily accessible from the in- and outside
  • Self-cleaning cold water basin and fill above sloped basin to flush out dirt and debris.

Optimal performance guaranteed

  • Unique and patented heat transfer system: featuring combined flow via heat exchange coil and fill pack, for fine temperature applications and thermal challenges.
  • Huge industry-best single cell capacity!
  • BACross® II fill - patented sheet and maximum air/water contact for optimal heat transfer performance.
  • Encased in corrosion-resistant fibreglass polyester for long service life.

Reduced refrigerant charge

  • Less coil surface (because of the patented combined heat transfer system) means less refrigerant charge and reduced overall system costs.

Ultra silent design

  • CXV-D units include low noise axial fans for minimal surrounding noise. To reduce noise even further, choose for Whisper Quiet fans.
  • Factory designed, tested and rated sound attenuation is available on air inlet to cut operation noise even further. 
  • BACross® II fill guides smoothly the water all the way into the basin without water splash noise.

Unmatched hygiene control

  • Easy-clean and easy-inspect CXV-D condensers reduce hygiene risks from bacteria or biofilm inside.
  • Combined inlet shields block sunlight to prevent biological growth in the tower, filter the air and stop water splashing outside. 
  • The drift eliminators to prevent droplets escaping into the air, are tested and certified by Eurovent .

Cheap to install

  • CXV-D condensers are factory-built and shipped in sections for larger models to reduce the overall size and weight, allowing easy on-site section assembly with smaller crane.
  • Fewer coil connections, reduce costs of pipe, valves, purges and labour.

Interested in the CXV-D evaporative condenser for your industrial refrigeration application? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.