Adiabatic products

Adiabatic products are air-cooled coolers or condensers with adiabatic pre-coolers. Before the fan draws the ambient air through the finned coil, the air is pre-cooled adiabatically when traversing an humidification pad. This evaporates the water in the air, thus boosting the cooling capacity.

Key benefits

  • low process temperatures
  • saves more than 80% on annual water compared to cooling towers
  • up to 40% increased capacity compared to dry cooling (air temperatures approaching wet bulb temperature)
  • reduced energy consumption
  • operational safety: no water recirculation, no stagnant water, no aerosol generation, no water carry-over.

Overview of adiabatic products

         BAC adiabatic cooling products
  TRF cooler TRC condenser TVFC cooler TVC condenser
Induced draft
Axial fan
Counter flow
Adiabatic pre-cooling
Specific product line benefits        
Water saving +++ +++ +++ +++
Energy efficiency ++ ++ ++ ++
Operational safety (hygiene) +++ +++ +++ +++
Easy installation +++ +++  +++ +++
Easy maintenance +++ +++ +++ +++
Low sound +   + +

Want to use  BAC's adiabatic products for your process cooling? Contact your local BAC representative for guidance.