Key benefits

  • Reliable
  • Quiet
  • Compact

Reliable operation guaranteed

  • Since 1978, thousands globally installed, proving the VT0/1-previously called VXT- cooling tower reliability.
  • Fans, motor and drive system (V-belt) are located in the dry air, preventing moisture and condensation.  No external moving parts, helping it withstand the toughest weather.
  • The thermal performance of VT0/1 cooling towers is tested and certified by Eurovent.
  • Various corrosion-resistant materials, including the unique Baltibond hybrid coating for guaranteed long service life.

Ideal for a quiet operation

  • VT0/1 units include quiet internal centrifugal fans for minimal surrounding noise.
  • Single-side air inlet, and a quieter tower rear for more noise-sensitive areas.
  • Cut operation noise still further with factory-designed and tested sound attenuators or silencers.

More compact

  • Compact design for confined spaces.
  • Single-side air inlet lets you install next to solid walls.
  • Units housable indoors thanks to centrifugal fans allowing intake or discharge ductwork.

Reduced shipping, rigging and installation costs

  • VT0/1 towers are factory-assembled. We ship larger models in 2 sections to reduce the size and weight of the heaviest section for easy on-site assembly with smaller cranes.
  • VT0/1 offers high capacity and minimal operating weight. Save on steel supports, both underneath the equipment and in the building itself for rooftop installations.
  • VT0/1 towers can be container-shipped (in 12’ containers). Fan enclosures shippable loose in the tower bottom section for easy on-site assembly. 

Easy to maintain

  • Easy access to all the mechanicals, including fan shaft bearings.
  • BACount individual bundled fill sheets for easy and complete inspection or cleaning preventing full replacement of fill bundles.

Interested in the VT0/1 cooling tower for cooling your process water? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.