Key benefits

  • Easy installation
  • Energy-saving
  • Easy maintenance

Easy installation

  • FXT towers are factory-assembled for easy on-site assembly with smaller cranes.


  • Evaporative cooling for system-wide energy saving at lower operating temperatures.
  • Axial fan uses half the energy of similar centrifugal fan units.
  • BACross fill – factory-configured for maximum water/air contact and low air pressure drop for optimal cooling tower efficiency with limited energy consumption.
  • Save pump kW! Less pump head for this gravity water distribution system.

Easy maintenance

  • You can inspect the water distribution system (hot water basin and nozzles) outside the unit, during operation.
  • Easy access to fill and drift eliminators from outside.
  • Easy removable air inlet screens for access to fans, bearings, motor and drive.

Long service life

You want to use the FXT cooling tower to cool your process water? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.