Key benefits

  • Maximum Uptime
  • Lowest operating costs
  • Lowest environmental impact

Maximum Uptime

  • Units are CTI-Eurovent certified which guarantees thermal performance and eliminates field thermal performance testing costs.
  • Independent individual modules that guarantee redundancy.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials come standard for maximum equipment life: stainless steel hCore® Heat Transfer Techonology combined with Baltibond® hybrid coating on all structural components, with corrosion resistance equivalent to SST 304L.
  • The cold water basin of the patent-pending DiamondClear® Design can be inspected while the unit is in operation.
  • EC Fan Systems are located inside the unit, in the dry air, preventing condensation and eliminating corrosion issues and premature failures.
  • Direct driven fans eliminate potential mechanical failures.

Lowest operating costs

  • Innovative iPilot® Control System with patented intelligence operates in multiple modes to optimize both water and energy savings based on your needs and preferences.
  • Patented hCore® Heat Transfer Technology delivers high thermal efficiency (wet and dry) in a compact footprint, maximizing both water and energy savings.
  • DiamondClear® Design optimizes air distribution over the heat exchanger, provides continuous self-cleaning, reduces spray water volume by up to 60%, reduces water treatment and spray pump energy costs.
  • EC Fan System has a superior efficiency that exceeds the requirements of efficiency class IE4. Integrated electronics of EC motors permit variable speed control for maximum system efficiency, at a significantly reduced power consumption.
  • Energy efficient radial fans give up to 40% savings versus standard centrifugal fans and provide high external static capability.

Lowest environmental impact

  • DiamondClear® Design offers a continuous self-cleaning operation. During standstill the sloping surfaces fully drain hence avoiding stagnant water inside the unit and the risk of sedimentation of impurities.
  • External collection basin with its 80% lower water volume reduces the chemical usage and eliminates the need to access the interior for cleaning.
  • Possibility to use water treatment systems that allow drainage from the hybrid cooler to surface water.
  • Completely encased collection basin eliminates any sunlight ingress, preventing biological growth.
  • Baltibond® hybrid coating for a smooth surface finish that reduces biofilm development.
  • Guarantee operational safety through the optional factory installed chemical free UV biocide system.

Lowest installation costs

  • Can be installed as a single piece or as individual modules that fit in a freight elevator.
  • Up to 35% less weight, 40% smaller footprint and 1,5 m lower height.
  • Plug & Play design with innovative iPilot® Control System and integrated electronics of EC motors, which eliminate external VFD's, electronic filters and on-site shielded cable wiring.
  • Modular header included as standard for single point process fluid connections.
  • No passivation required due to fully corrosion-resistant structure and hCore® Heat Transfer Technology.
  • Pressure capability of fans allows indoor installation with ductwork.

Lowest maintenance

  • Patent-pending DiamondClear® Design offers a continuous self-cleaning operation through fully sloping surfaces, a constant impact of falling spray water, high water velocities and 80% lower water volume (with no stagnant water inside the unit) minimizing the need for maintenance by reducing scale build-up and biological growth.
  • The external cold water basin with spray pump, the direct drive fan in the dry system, the water distribution system and drift eliminator are all easily accessible from the outside without the need for any permanent ladders or elevated platforms.
  • Swing-out EC Fan System allows easy inspection and requires no maintenance whatsoever.
  • Inspection and maintenance of critical parts is possible during operation.
  • Baltibond® hybrid coating and stainless steel for a smooth surface finish that facilitates internal cleaning.

Interested in the Nexus® modular hybrid cooler for cooling your process fluid? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.