Our ongoing R&D investment helps BAC offer you a complete set of solutions for PCE evaporative condensers that meet your needs. Plus, we also cater for extra requirements such as:

Year-round reliable operation

Inspect and maintain your condenser and protect it against extreme weather for year-round reliability. The options below help keep your condenser running smoothly and reliably and facilitate maintenance.


Sound control

PCE uses a low noise axial fan.

Helping keep it near noiseless:

Energy saving

PCE uses evaporative cooling technology for lower operating temperatures than other cooling methods. With the following options, reduce energy costs still further:

  • Thermostat


Enhanced hygiene and water care

Water circulates in evaporative condensers and it is important to avoid excessive accumulation of dissolved solids. The following options help keep your condenser clean:

To control biological growth and scale formation, the water quality of the circulated water should be checked regularly. Water quality guidelines can be found in the Knowledge center of the website.


Water savings

You need water for evaporative cooling. At BAC, however, we offer acclaimed and advanced water saving technologies. Helping in this aim are:


Do you too want to benefit from the above solutions? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.