We help achieve the goals of our customers

We serve various markets and have thousands of installations reliably in operation and serviced in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare. So we are aware of your industry needs. Our products and services help achieve your goals :

  • Health improvement
  • Safety and hygiene assurance
  • Water conservation
  • Energy savings
  • Waste elimination
  • Reduction of chemicals
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Wide range of BAC cooling equipment serving every pharmaceutical application

We manufacture efficient and technologically advanced cooling equipment, applicable in many processes of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and supporting precise manufacturing processes. Cooling towers are an important component in keeping medicine production processes reliably up and running. They support both black and clean utilities and provide comfort cooling in office buildings, cooling of energy-intensive clean rooms and R&D laboratories or cooling of temperature-sensitive production processes


BAC's evaporative cooling equipment serve every pharmaceutical application: closed circuit cooling towers, open cooling towers, hybrid and adiabatic coolers and ice thermal storage.
We have many reference installations within the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Contact your local BAC representative to get to know the details and applications.

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Expert support for 24/7 reliable cooling

In every stage of your project, we have experienced people that are driven to help and support you with one common goal in mind: developing and delivering evaporative cooling products and services that fully meet your needs. Our products ensure a year round reliable operation while respecting local regulations and H&S requirements.



Let's solve together your cooling challenges.

Contact your local BAC representative to discuss our solutions for your specific need.