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Key benefits

  • Lowest energy consumption and total cost of ownership
  • Year round reliable operation
  • Ideal replacement unit with certified thermal performance

Lowest energy consumption and total cost of ownership

  • Evaporative cooling for system-wide energy saving at lower operating temperatures.
  • The highly efficient OptiCoil System increases thermal performance up to 30% for the same coil volume lowering the installed fan power by up to 50%.
  • Elimination of potentially excessive operating costs. PFI is Eurovent-CTI certified for both water and glycol. This guarantees thermal performance and it eliminates field thermal performance testing costs.
  • System pump energy savings obtained through shorter coil circuits resulting in lower coil pressure drops.
  • Savings on maintenance and water treatment because the closed loop in PFI cooling towers ensures a contaminant-free cooling circuit.
  • Lower installed costs. PFI has a lower weight, reducing structural and vibration isolation costs. Less glycol is required to achieve the same or higher heat transfer.
  • Water and chemical savings up to 33% because Baltibond Hybrid Coating allows higher cycles of concentration.

Year round reliable operation

  • Trouble free process operation - The closed loop in PFI cooling towers protects the process fluid and equipment from external contaminations.
  • The thermal performance of PFI closed circuit cooling towers is tested and certified by Eurovent.
  • For extremely cold weather operation, switch off the spray system during periods of reduced load and operate dry.
  • Optimal thermal performance through lifetime. Lab tests have proven that the OptiCoil System reduces scale formation on the coil.
  • Minimum maintenance and downtime- Complete and easy access to all critical components, including coil.
  • Easy-clean and easy-inspect PFI towers reduce hygiene risks from bacteria (e.g. Legionella) or biofilm inside. 
  • Self-cleaning cold water basin sloping towards drain, to prevent sediment build up.
  • Combined inlet shields block sunlight to prevent biological growth in the tower, filter the air and stop water splashing outside.

Ideal replacement unit with certified thermal performance

  • Same or higher capacity. Ideal like-for-like solution, performing per published ratings. The PFI is independently Eurovent-CTI certified for various process fluids.

Low noise

  • A variety of fans is available to offer the perfect solution for every sound challenge.
  • Water silencers achieve noise levels close to those of crossflow towers. Water silencers come always with Whisper Quiet fans.
  • Factory designed, tested and rated sound attenuation is available on the discharge for further noise reduction.

Easy to maintain

  • The PFI closed circuit cooling tower is easier to maintain than other induced draft counterflow cooling towers.
  • Optional coil inspection hatches allow complete and easy access to heat transfer section
  • BranchLok water distribution - each branch removable for easy cleaning.
  • Combined inlet shields for easy no-tool removal.
  • Motor adjusters: externally accessible and locking wrench for easy motor alignment and belt tensioning.
  • Full cold water basin access when removing the combined inlet shields.
  • Fans easy accessible via sliding access door.
  • Optional clean out port helps remove silt and sludge from the cooling tower basin.
  • Removable suction strainer anti-vortex hood.

 Ship and install PFI easily

  • Guide pins mean swift PFI cooling tower on-site assembly. The guide pins help reduce section assembly time by up to 75 %!
  • Compact PFI footprint – perfect for confined spaces.
  • Container shipment often possible!

Interested in the PFI closed circuit cooling tower for cooling your process fluid? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.

Eurovent logo PFI

PFI characteristics

Counter flow, axial fan, induced draft

Capacity range

up to 1480 kW

Maximum entering fluid temperature


Typical applications

  • Medium to large HVAC and industrial applications
  • Dry operation requirement in winter time