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Key benefits

  • High thermal performance
  • Saving water
  • Top hygiene control

Boosting high thermal performance

  • Pads in front of the finned coil pre-cool air to virtual wet bulb temperature.
  • Up to 40% improved capacity compared to dry cooling.
  • DCV-AD condenser consumes less energy.
  • DCV-AD condenser achieves low process temperatures.

Saving water

  • TrilliumSeries condensers achieve annual water savings exceeding 80% water compared to normal water cooled condensers by limited adiabatic operation.

Top hygiene control

  • Featuring a once-through system: recirculation and stagnation of water eliminated.
  • No stagnant water: pre-cooler water conveyed from pads to sewer via a gutter.
  • No aerosol formation: TrilliumSeries condensers minimize the Legionella risk.
  • TrilliumSeries condensers cool incoming air without transferring water to the dry coil

Interested in the TrilliumSeries condenser for your refrigeration project? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.

Logo TrilliumSeries Condenser

DCV-AD, TrilliumSeries characteristics

Counter flow, adiabatic pre-cooling, axial fan, induced draft

Capacity range

340 - 1030 kW

Typical applications

  • Small to medium industrial refrigeration applications
  • Locations with limited water and space availability