REMARK: Do not use for construction. Refer to factory certified dimensions & weights. This page includes data current at time of publication, which should be reconfirmed at the time of purchase. In the interest of product improvement, specifications, weights and dimensions are subject to change without notice.

General notes

1. All models are single coil section units. Fan cycling results only in on-off operation. For additional steps of control, the Baltiguard® Drive System and two-speed fan motors are available. More precise capacity control can be obtained with modulating fan discharge dampers.
2. Make up, overflow, suction, drain connections and access door can be provided on side opposite of that shown; consult your BAC representative.
3. Unit height is indicative, for precise value refer to certified print.
4. Shipping/operating weights indicated are for units without accessories such as sound attenuators, discharge hoods, etc. Consult factory certified prints to obtain weight additons and the heaviest section to be lifted.
5. For indoor applications of evaporative condensers, the room may be used a a plenum with ductwork attached to the discharge only. If inlet ductwork is required, an enclosed fan section must be specified; consult your BAC representative for details.
6. Fan kW is at 0 Pa ESP. To operate against external static pressure up to 125 Pa, increase each fan motor one size.
7. Refrigerant charge listed is R 717 operating charge. To determine operating charge of R22 refrigerants, multiply by: 1,93. For R134A, multiply by: 1,98.
8. Refrigerant connections are standard bevelled for welding.

Last update: 01/09/2023

Sound attenuation HS


1. Discharge attenuator; 2. Access door; 3. Intake attenuator; W & H = Unit dimensions (see Engineering Data).

Model Dimensions (mm) Weights (kg)
L2 LIntake Discharge Total
VCL 042-079 2390 1820 460 215 675
VCL 167-258 2640 2730 665 465 1130
VCL 084-133 2640 2730 465 295 760
VCL 239-321 2640 3650 665 565 1230
VCL 131-159 2640 3650 465 365 830