1. Material options

  • Heavy-gauge hot-dip galvanized steel is used for unit steel panels and structural elements featuring a zinc aluminium coating.

2. Heat transfer mediaFinned coil

  • The V-shaped finned coil is constructed of staggered and seamless copper tubes (15,9 or 12,7 diameter) with aluminium, rippled and corrugated fins (0,14 or 0,17 thickness).
  • 2,5 mm fin spacing for optimal air turbulence
  • Thick and seamless copper headers and threaded steel connections
  • Pressure tested at 15 bar
  • Try our options for aggressive environments: special pre-coated anti-corrosion aluminium fins or copper fins (0,2 mm thickness).

3. Air movement systemFans

  • Axial fan with exceptionally compact direct drive short integrated motor and fan guard.
  • The fan features an impeller and motor and is balanced as a complete unit using dynamic single plane balancing. Balance grade is G6.3. 
  • Fan and motor totally maintenance free.
  • Bearings seals and motor encapsulation for long service life.

Like to know more about the DFCV dry cooler construction details? Contact your local BAC representative.