BAC employees BelgiumBaltimore Aircoil International nv, is a global manufacturer of heat transfer products and services. We specialize in developing resource-saving evaporative cooling equipment that conserves water and energy. Our EMEIA Headquarters, is located in Heist-op-den-berg. The products of BAC Europe are distributed across Europe, the Middle-East and North-Africa. Working at BAC means working in a dynamic and international environment in which developing international contacts is seen as a big advantage by many of our employees. As EMEIA headquarter, we play an important role in the global organization and have an impact on the global strategy. Due to our continuous growth we are always looking for motivated colleagues to strengthen our different departments. We appreciate people who like taking initiative and responsibility. BAC focuses on the personal development of people through various training approaches. Together we accomplish our BAC vision: “Reinventing cooling to sustain the world”.

BAC convinced us ..... And we know why.

We completely understand the difficulty of taking a decision as a young graduate about your first job. That’s why we try to guide you into the direction that fits you most based on your interests and passions. In an open conversation we’ll discuss the different possibilities within BAC. Once you have joined BAC, we support you intensively in the first couple of weeks. You get an individual training guide program and we help you to get a good insight in your position, your department and also the whole global BAC organization. At your own pace you can grow into your position and stress out the aspects that interests you the most.

KurtKurt - Director of Marketing

Graduated in 1989 as an Industrial Engineer Electromechanics. Joined BAC in 1991.

" The collaboration with different cultures is one great adventure, with a lot of interesting and useful experiences."

As a young graduate , the international character of Baltimore Aircoil International immediately appealed to me. During my first job as a Product Marketing Engineer, my confrontation with different cultures led to daily adventures. A very exciting and educational experience that is also very rewarding when you realize a nice order together with your colleagues. The tight family culture within the company has always inspired me and over the years it became clear to me that it’s the people who actually form the basis of a company. At BAC, people have the opportunity to help shape our future. After almost three decades I am very satisfied with the opportunities and the support I received and we can be proud of the things we have achieved. With our courage, our innovative character and sense of responsibility, I am convinced that we will continue to offer our customers the confidence they’re looking for, which will further strengthen our position in the market.

When looking at our employees, you’ll find a lot of people who have been working here for many years, some even their whole career. Some of the reasons are definitely the different growth opportunities and the focus on personal development and guidance.
You are a big driver of your career at BAC. Via different programs we discuss people’s interests and ambitions, their strengths and development needs. Based on these discussions we set out action plans to help you grow within your own role or towards another role, always depending on internal possibilities of course. The engineers in our company are active in 3 big domains: Sales & Marketing, Engineering and Manufacturing. We’ve seen people switching domains because interests may change, because they want to broaden their expertise in another area or because they just want to give a whole new direction to their career. At BAC, we want to have open discussions about where you are today and where you want to be within a few years.

GlennGlen - Global Engineering Manager Adiabatic Products

Graduated in 2008 als Industrial Engineer Elektromechanics. Joined BAC in 2009.

"BAC is a company that focuses on development, not only of products, but also of its employees".

I am responsible for the adiabatic team within BAC as Global Engineering Manager Adiabatic Products. This team is responsible for innovating, developing and maintaining adiabatic products all over the world. Market research is done together with the marketing department, to investigate where we can add value for our customers. This results in all sorts of strategies and theories, which are converted to new innovative products by our designers and engineers. Products that are already launched to the market, are followed up closely to be ably to further improve these products during their lifetime. Only by constantly challenging the status quo, we can further improve our products to the high-quality products that are expected from our customers. This function is very broad, global and continuously challenging. One day we might be inspecting a unit on site together with a customer and the other day we might be performing a sound measurement during the night. Following sentence is repeatedly used within BAC: ”Employees are central within BAC.” Well, from experience, I can confirm this. BAC is a company that constantly wants to develop and innovate, not only the products, but also its employees. I started in BAC as Quality Engineer, followed by Design Engineer, Supervisor Design, to end up in my current role as Global Engineering Manager Adiabatic Products. I would have never stood where I am now, without the opportunities and focus on personal development from BAC!

Engineers @ BAC, different departments, different fields of expertise

Marketing en Aftermarket

The Marketing Department will try to optimize the market position of BAC through market analysis. Starting from this analysis new products will be developed who respond even better to the needs of our customers. This department coordinates the launch of new products in the market and makes sure that the added value is well known by the customers by using different sales tools. They will also train our sales teams. The department offers a wide range of commercial support to our sales teams. The combination of good technical skills and project management experience, is crucial to manage large international projects. The Aftermarket Department steps up when existing clients are looking for spare parts, an optimization or refurbishment of their product and need additional services. Due to their technical knowledge of both old and new products, as well as spare parts, they are the most suited point of contact to help our sales team. 

Cédric – Aftermarket Sales Operational Manager

Graduated in 2010 as an Industrial Engineer Electromechanics – Industrial Management. Joined BAC in 2010.

“BAC allows you to make a mark in your own job and for the company as well.” 

As part of the Aftermarket team, I support our network of BAC agents as well as our representatives throughout the EMEA region. The support we give is both technical and commercial. It’s a varied job: from finding solutions to problems that occur on site to developing sales and marketing tools with a good scoop of project management. Our network allows me to work with people from different background and nationalities, giving my job a fun and interesting multicultural character. At BAC we have a broad product range of different models and unit generations spread over decades. At first this was (and often still can be) challenging, but is also a very rewarding part of my job as it brings a lot of variation and allows me to use my pragmatic skills. Often you need to get creative to help out our salesforce. BAC supports its people to show creativity and it gives you the freedom to do so. An example I’m really proud of is the BAC Inspect application which allows our people in the field to create strong, professional reports about our units. Furthermore, BAC cares about the environment, same as me, which made me join the Green Team. The Green Team tries to lower our ecological footprint by making small changes in “the way we do things” and by creating awareness with our people. All of this makes it fun to come to work in the morning and go back home in the evening with a good feeling.


Our regional engineering department can be split up in three large areas: engineering, quality and service. Engineering is responsible for the evaluation of the technical feasibility of specific questions from our customers. They will develop the necessary technical adjustments, organize the necessary tests of the devices (sound, water, airflow, vibrations,…) and validate new materials and suppliers. Next to this they also support the three production plants in their region (Belgium, Italy and South Africa) in investigating and solving assembly problems and in providing proposals for improvement. The Quality department takes care of the execution of our BAC-quality system. They will do the follow up and implementation of the necessary certification systems (ISO-9001). And finally the Service department will handle all the warranty issues and will come up with preventive measurements.
Global engineering is a team of employees spread over the different BAC entities all around the world. They work on new product development.

GertGert – Design Engineer

Graduated in 2019 – as an Industrial Engineer Thermal Energy. Joined BAC in 2019.

"I can evolve my career in both a horizontal and vertical way.”

During my master year I was very interested in the refrigeration industry. That’s how I got in touch with BAC at the job fair in Geel. Immediately there was a connection, so I went by after a spontaneous application. They explained to me the 3 different domains within BAC for engineers (engineering, marketing and manufacturing). As a young graduate, I didn't know which way I wanted to go. In this perspective I find BAC very interesting because I can evaluate my career in both a horizontal and vertical way. As a Design Engineer, my job is much broader as I imagined. Beside the development of new and existing cooling towers, I also lead small projects and have a support role for the larger ones. For bigger projects I work together with various departments located in Heist and the USA. The pleasant corporate culture is very present. For example, the atmosphere within my department is at its best and the cooperation with other departments is always going smoothly.

ThomasThomas – Design Engineer

Graduated in 2009 as a Civil Engineer – Mechanical Engineering and Electrotechnics with an additional Master in Management. Joined BAC in 2010.

“Innovation and creativity, open and honest communication and a good work life balance, I really feel at home here.”

As Design Engineer in the global engineering group I am involved in the implementation of new products. These are often long-term projects with a very varied technical content. Some days you work on design calculations, component selections, mapping out control software, while on other days you perform on site measurements, talk to suppliers, visit trade fairs... The variation and technical challenge closely match my interests. BAC appreciates its employees and makes sure your job matches your strengths. I have been at BAC for 10 years now and appreciate how BAC continuously supports me in the direction I give to my career. I follow a technical path, but you can just as well grow into a role of people management, or try something different by changing jobs internally. I feel at home in the working environment that BAC creates. Innovation and creativity are encouraged (for example, 3D printing possibilities), there is open and honest communication with management and a good work life balance. Authentic collegiality and enriching international contacts make working here a fascinating experience.


As engineer within this domain, you work in one of our production plants (Heist-op-den-berg or Chiuro). The focus here is mainly on different improvement processes. This can be small individual improvements or adjustments of work methods to changes in the layout of different departments or the production plant itself. All this in close collaboration with different departments, managers and DMAIC-teams. Also the Manufacturing Technologies department is part of this category. They follow up on new machine and production evolutions and manage investments. They support the different plants with the manufacturing of new products, the improvement of work processes and the digitalization of all the information that is necessary to make the production plant run more efficiently.

WardWard – Production Engineer

Graduated in 2019 as Industrial Engineer in Electromechanics – Manufacturing Engineering with an additional Master  in Management. Joined BAC in 2019.

“BAC offers a production engineer the best of both worlds, you have the knowledge of the production process and also the theoretical engineering aspect.”

As a production engineer within this domain, I am responsible, together with the four-man technical service team, for improvement projects within the production in Heist, Belgium. What makes my work interesting for a young engineer is that I go through the entire cycle of a project. Initially, a conceptual answer is sought for improvement opportunities. After a cross-departmental (often international) collaboration, an idea is created. This cooperative is based on the open corporate culture that is typical of Baltimore. It is my responsibility to guide the project from budgeting to implementation and from handover to follow-up. Are there obstacles on the road? Show courage! Baltimore Aircoil in Heist-Op-Den-Berg offers the production engineer the best of both worlds. On the one hand the local production knowledge and on the other hand the theoretical product insight of engineering. What makes BAC strong is the focus on a good match between the employee and employer/job during the selection and recruitment process. After signing, you will follow an individual training program with an emphasis on development to fully utilize your competences. Overall, a good age mix in staff and a friendly atmosphere make BAC the perfect working environment for me.

JoostJoost – Technical Services Manager

Graduated in 1997 as a Civil Engineer – Metal & Materials Science. Joined BAC in 2002.

“A versatile job with every day another challenge!”

17 years ago, I started at BAC in the function of Production Engineer, with 5 years of work experience. I was strongly motivated to implement the lean principles on the shop floor. I could work on a large variety of improvement projects, like layout changes, and the implementation of new systems. Problems which arise during process changes can be addressed by being involved on the shop floor and by fine-tuning the new systems. In my current function I coordinate the Technical Services Team: a team of Production Engineers and a Maintenance Team, which keep the current installations and systems up and running, and take actions for installing new equipment and for further improvements. For our long-term plan, it’s important to work closely together with the shop departments. Through the years, I got the opportunity to coordinate the CNC Programming Department and the Sheet Metal Department. I learned there that consultation and adjustments in small steps are important to facilitate growth of the whole team. And now and then, we go and have a drink together to learn to know each other in another way!

BartBart – Manufacturing Systems Engineer

Graduated in 2019 as an Industrial Engineer in Electromechanics - Energy with an additional Master in Management. Joined BAC in 2019.

"You won't find a lot of companies that have a family mindset as well as a global mindset, but you will find it at BAC."

I started at BAC in September 2019 as a Manufacturing Systems Engineer. This means that I try to digitize the current production plants together with a global team. A position where I mainly work on a project basis and in consultation with various parties from production to the project leader in the US. The variety and the global aspect are two things that convinced me to come and work at BAC and I have never regretted this choice once. You will not often come across a company that has a family mindset as well as a global mindset. The personal guidance you receive here during your start ensures that you immediately feel at home.

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