Basin heater package

Our factory-installed heaters keep the water temperature at 4°C and act as a simple and economical anti-freeze measure for the basin water. The heater package includes the heaters, a thermostat and a low level cut out switch to protect the heaters if the water level declines excessively. Standard electric heaters can handle ambient temperatures down to -18°C.

Our factory-installed heater packages

  • help maintain your system year-round
  • enhance your equipment reliability

Model No.


Heaters -18°C



1 x 1,5

VXI 18-X

1 x 1,5

VXI 27-X

1 x 2,5

VXI 36-X

1 x 3

VXI 50-X

1 x 4

VXI 70-X

1 x 6


1 x 6

VXI 95-X

1 x 6


1 x 4

VXI 144-X

2 x 4

VXI 145-X

2 x 4

VXI 180-X

2 x 5

VXI 190-X

2 x 6

VXI 215-X

2 x 6

VXI 288-X

4 x 4

VXI 290-X

4 x 4

VXI 360-X

4 x 5

VXI 430-X

4 x 6


Want to protect your basin water against freezing with a basin heater package?
Ask your local BAC representative for more information.