Below is a listing of the main TVFC options and accessories. If your required option or accessory is not listed, look no further than your local BAC representative.


Flanges facilitate piping connections on-site. Read more

Epoxy coating

Increase the coil's resistance against a harsh atmosphere. Read more.

Coil freeze-up safeguard

Allow for operation without any anti-freeze agents and avoid a coil freeze-up risk at the same time. Read more.

Sound reduction

Reducing noise at air intake and discharge points brings us closed to silent cooling equipment. Read more.

Partitioning panels

Increase the degree of redundancy, providing a higher backup capacity for your installation. Read more.

Recirculation pump

The recirculation pump helps to further cut down on water consumption. Read more.

BMS supervision

This option integrates the adiabatic cooler’s control system in your BMS system. Read more.

Safety switch

Cuts power to motor with safety in mind during inspection or maintenance. Read more.

Electrical panel heater

Protects electronic components in the electrical panel during extremely cold temperatures. Read more.