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Key benefits

  • Easy maintenance
  • Superior construction
  • Low height

Easy maintenance

  • Easy basin access from all sides.
  • Easy no-tool removal of side panel gives access to all internal cooling tower components.
  • Sloped basin to flush out dirt and debris.
  • Easy removable fill, spray branch arms, eliminators and combined inlet shields.
  • Easy access to motor and drives from outside.

Superior construction

  • Superior structure strength: pultruded composite construction guarantuees a long service life.

Low height

  • Counterflow cooling tower with very restricted height, fits in most enclosures.

Interested in the RCT cooling tower for cooling your process water? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.


Counter flow

Fans system

Axial fan, induced draft

Capacity range

7 - 265 l/s

Water distribution


Maximum entering water temperature

55°C standard fill
60°C with alternative fill

Typical applications

  • Small to medium industrial applications
  • Dirty water applications
  • Replacement of field erected towers with basinless units