Below is a listing of the main HXI options and accessories. If your required option or accessory is not listed, look no further than your local BAC representative.

BACross bundles

For even easier dismantling and cleaning of the BACross fill sheets, choose fill bundles with support handles. Read more

Sound attenuation

Reducing noise at air intake and discharge points brings us closer to silent cooling equipment. Read more


Plume abatement coil

A finned discharge coil is installed in your cooling tower discharge and piped in series with the wet coil. This reduces or eliminates plumes and extends the dry cooling capacity. Read more


A 3-way-valve is installed on your cooling tower in order to assure maximum water savings. Read more

Remote sump connection

The best way to prevent a sump freezing is to use the auxiliary remote variety within a heated area. Shutting off the circulating pump allows all the water in the water distribution, as well as that in suspension and the sump to drain freely to the auxiliary sump. Read more

Basin heater package

Thanks to our factory-installed heaters, the water stays at 4°C and never freezes, even during equipments downtime and however cold it gets outside. Read more

Electric water level control package

For perfectly precise water level control, replace the standard mechanical valve with our electrical water level controller. Read more


To inspect and maintain from the top of the unit more easily and safely, platforms can be installed. Read more

Internal service platform

An internal platform helping you access the unit top inside and safely inspect your cooling towers. Read more

Extended lubrication lines

Extended lubrication lines with easily accessible grease fittings can be used to lubricate fan shaft bearings. Read more

Safety switch

Cuts power to motors with safety in mind during inspection or maintenance. Read more

Standby pump

Install a standby reserve spray pump as failure backup! Read more

Vibration cut out switch

When excessive vibration occurs, this switch shuts down the fan, ensuring your cooling equipment operates safely. Read more

Water treatment equipment

Devices to control water treatment are needed to ensure proper cooling tower water care. Not only does this help protect the components and fill pack, controlling corrosion, scaling and fouling, it also avoids the proliferation of harmful bacteria, including legionella, in the recirculating water. Read more


Separators and media filters efficiently remove suspended solids in the recirculating water, reducing system cleaning costs and optimizing water treatment results. Filtration helps you keep the recirculating water clean. Read more

Sump sweeper piping

Sump sweeper piping prevents sediment collecting in the cold water basin of the unit. A complete piping system, including nozzles, is installed in the basin of the tower for connection to side stream filtration equipment. Read more


Flanges facilitate piping connections on-site. Read more